Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Why this blog?

I have been asked to give a talk on 'the evolution of databases for HEP' (see below). As there are many stories related to databases & HEP - some not necessarily suitable for a conference - but still part of our collective history, I thought that I'd start a blog where I recorded some of these.

Hopefully not too painfully ego-centric... We'll see...

Dear Jamie,
The next CHEP has quite an important role, as it is the last before the "scheduled" data taking. And even if data taking is delayed this will be the last time we can meet and think...


We will ask people to present contributions of a more "philosophical" nature, a sort of critical review of their major field of action. HEP-LHC computing has gone through a period of high- turbulence in the years 1993-2002, and then dust has settled (I hope :). In dawn of the "proof of reality" I think it will be good to look back and try an objective review of what happened, why it happened, why it worked and what did not.


I would be very glad if you could come and give a contribution on the evolution of databases for HEP, and your view on it. We would like to assemble the contributions and publish proceedings of this meeting, a sort of short history of LHC computing. Suggestions are of course welcome! Let me know,

Federico Carminati


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